Nail Care

Waterless nail care. 

Appointment fees:

  • $65.00 for first hour and $1/minute after the first hour. First visit is typically 1 1/2 hrs-2 hrs.
  • 2nd visit and followup 2 weeks post first visit is $55-60.

Visits include:

  • Complete nail inspection for any abnormalities.
  • Nail reduction, callous reduction, proper nail shaping, and clipping.
  • Senior care will include making sure the feet are properly cleaned and inspected, nails trimmed, and dried skin debris removed.
  • Suggesting to the client the proper moisturizer to use for their skin type.
  • The use of oxygenated serum to help control severe dryness around nails.
  • An oxygenated cream is used to properly moisturize after the skin is cleaned and sanitized after debridement of dried skin. This will ensure that all portals are sealed and foot is moisturized.

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Advanced Nail Technology
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